Car background replacement

This is one of the essential factors if you are an automobile photographer. Sometimes it’s not possible to take a car to a specific location to click its photos. In that case, the background is replaced with the help of photo editing software like photoshop, etc., to give a suitable look to the car’s image.

The background replacement is done in a professional manner such that it looks natural. To replace the background, car photos are taken, and the pictures of the background are taken separately, and then both are merged to get the best picture.

What is car image background replacement ?

As the name represents, car image background replacement is replacing a car's image background. The primary purpose of background replacement is to remove the ugly and unwanted backgrounds from your photos. When you remove the ugly backgrounds from your car's picture, your car starts looking cooler than before. Many dealers want their car image background replacement because they want to add the logo of their dealership in the car's background. We at provide the best services regarding car background replacement.

How do we change your vehicle background?

Keeping in view the pandemic situation and the buyer’s trend towards online shopping, it is necessary to portray cool pictures of the cars with beautiful backgrounds to attract customers. For this purpose, you will need a professional service provider who can change your vehicle’s background professionally.

Most of the time, we will use photoshop and other photo editing software to change the background of your vehicle’s image. The most convenient way of changing or removing the background of your vehicle is as follows.

Photoshop remove background tool

If the edges of your vehicle’s image are clean enough and your issue is quite distinct from the background, it would be effortless to remove the background using photoshop. Photoshop has a built-in remove background tool through which you can easily do so.

First, open your image in photoshop. Then create a new layer in the right-hand layer panel by pressing the + button. After that, select the background layer and unselect all the others. Expand the panel to see the quick actions drop-down menu. When you scroll in the quick action’s menu, you will find removing the background. You can choose it, and your background is gone.

Now, you can add a new layer to add a new background to your image.


Remove Photoshop Plugin:
The plugin for photoshop remove. bg is the fastest way to remove the background of any image. Just one click and your job are done. The removal of the background using the plugin is even faster than the built-in tools of photoshop. Just download the plugin, log in to your remove. bg account and start removing backgrounds in photoshop.

The Quick Selection Tool:
The quick selection tool uses artificial intelligence to decide the edges of your vehicle’s image. It works best when there is a clear difference between your background and the vehicle’s image. But if both the background and the vehicle’s image of your picture resemble, the tool will get confused, and then you need to spend hours to separate the vehicle’s image from the background.

Advantage of best car background replacement services:

There are many advantages of best car background replacement services that vary from person to person depending upon their needs and requirements. Some of them are as follows.

•  When the pictures of automobiles on your website look professionally edited, they will attract more buyers because people will perceive that they have a professional team and thus provide the best services. And when the pictures of automobiles on your website have ugly backgrounds, no one will wait for a second on your website.

•  The more the buyers will visit your website, the more the probability of potential customers. And thus, it will generate more sales.
•  Best car background replacement services help in building a good reputation for your website in the market.

• The dealers can also add their logo in the background of the car they photographed earlier to represent that it is available in their place. No one can steal your vehicle’s picture by adding a logo in the background through the background replacement services.

Why did you choose us for your car background?

We at provide the best car background replacement services. Following are some of the reasons you can use us for the best services regarding background replacement of your car’s image.
• We offer 24/7 customer care services to clear all your queries regarding our services and the latest offers and prices.
• We offer a superfast delivery within 3 hours. And our average delivery time ranges from 3 to 24 hours. The time of delivery depends upon the requirements of your photo editing.
• We offer unlimited revisions of the images edited by our team for our esteemed customers because we value our customers.
• We also offer weekly, or monthly payment offers for dealers and companies.
• We don’t only work with a pre-set frame; we also offer customized editing services. You can tell us about your requirements in detail, and we will implement these to give you the best results.

• We provide car background replacement services in bulk quantity too.

Car Digital Backgrounding

car shadow service
Car Shadow and Enhancement

Template Changing, Add Customizing Template, Shadow & Reflection


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Our car photo background replacement services:

Car Clipping Path:

A clipping path is used to remove all the unnecessary objects and ugly backgrounds from your car's photo. Our team members are at a pro-level in making your car photos the best ones, and they do 100 percent hand clipping path using photoshop.

car sharping

Automotive Photo Sharpening:

Automotive photo sharpening is as important as removing the background. Regarding retouching, it is the most crucial step because it highlights the lines present on the car's body. And it also enhances the quality of your photo.

car shadow icon

Shadow Making:

Shadow making is quite famous for editing the car's photos. After removing the background, the most crucial feature we add to your car's photos is shadow making. The shadow makes your car's photo look more realistic and natural.

Addition of the Custom Background:

Adding a custom background in your car's photo is one of the essential steps of the car background replacement services. The addition of a custom background in your photos can make them more attractive.


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We are here to make your car dealership image editing and enhancement with apply car photo editing services.

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Car cut out background, Customizing the template, Floor/Ground change, Full cut, Half cut service with detailing.

Full car set

Full car shoot image editing with exterior photos and interior photos. Car glass transparent and adjust with template also.

Automotive inventory

Automotive dealer inventory management. Direct download car images form inventory and upload after done also.

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Any kinds of vehicles image editing services with background remove, shadow, reflection, retouch and color correction.

Bulk image editing

If you have a bulk image editing project! don't worry here our team ready to support you 6000 images per day.

Example of our vehicle background replacement images:

You can also demand examples of our vehicle background replacement images from our customer care support, or you can view our previous work on your website. We offer a wide range of services regarding car background replacement. You can contact us anytime with your requirements to get your work done from our professional team members.



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