Change car template by remove background

How to change a Car Template after removing background

How to change a Car Template after removing background

Hi, ‘Car Pics Editing’ share awesome and cool tips for changing a template after removing a car background. Car or Automotive images are not perfect for using on a website until you process it. So we need to modify raw images after shooting of car photography. By applying this service you’ll make your car images more gorgeous and eye catchy with a perfect commercial look.  Now are going to start this process after following some steps like-

  1. Car Clipping Path:

First, you need to remove your car original background from your car backside. To remove that background we need to clip this car image by using Photoshop Pen Tool.

  1. Background removal:

When you’ll clip the full car then you’ll be able to remove your car background easily.

  • You need to active path layer > Add Feather (Ctrl + Alt + D / Shift + F6) > Then take the car in a new layer by pressing (Ctrl + J) > you can add a white background by taking a new layer.
  1. Adding Template:

You can add your own created template behind your car background or choose the able template which is provided by your client. Open your template and take it on a new layer > then you need to move the layer behind all other layers.

How to change a Car Template


There are lots of choice and design of Car template. Like-

  1. Solid background
  2. Two-part background (Natural scene on top and a solid background in the foot)
  3. Gradient background
  4. Lighting effect background
  5. Advertisement background
  6. Background with Car selling Storefront
  7. Tiles floor ground template
  8. Room décor background template and more.

So, you can apply these tips to make your car image more attractive and commercial looks. Here one thing is important and this is the Shadow. Sometimes while you add a new template or background on your car image it looks like an artificial look and not natural. In that meantime, you need to add more effect like a shadow on your car image to make it really look and natural. For these tips, you need to follow my tutorial like- How to add a shadow on car background easily. Follow these tips and make your car more perfect and natural looks.

Remove Car Background Removal


Thanks for checking this awesome tips for automotive image editing service. Stay connected with “Car Pics Editing”- for more awesome tutorial and tips. Thanks.


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Valentine car image editing service

Valentine Day’s Car photography photo editing make your dealer sell double

Valentine Day’s Car photography photo editing make your dealer sell double

 Are you excited about the valentine day? You are a dealer and your focus point is to sell your store car’s more properly with attractive advertising. You can make a concentrate to the buyer by arranging an attractive car portfolio on online and gorgeous look after applying Car image editing services.


Car image editing service

Car image Retouching:

You can make your shoot raw car images with a more attractive look by applying the retouching service. If any dust and unwanted sketch are found on car body then easily remove by this service. Also, you can remove the sun of the lighting effect from the car.


Vehicles background replacement:

The car your store alive by adding this service on your shouted photos. You can shoot your car in a different place but the last end of service you can add your store background or template by the help of this service.

Car shadow service:

Shadow is the natural effect for car image editing service. By the help of this service, you can add natural shadow, original shadow, and reflection shadow under your car and make it more natural looks. When your car looks fake after removing background then you need to apply this service and this makes your car more actual look.

We recommended you to apply this service to make your Valentine day’s sells double with more profit.

Car Pics Editing– stay behind you to serve this type of services with more quality and very low-cost facilities. This company specially arranged these kinds of services with an expert hand and experienced designers. Generally, they served their services hand to hand to the dealer and inventory owner.

The services which are provided by Car Pics Editing to the dealers:
  • Car background replacement
  • Car image color correction
  • Vehicles background replacement
  • Car template customizing and changing
  • Logo or text up to your car
  • Shadow adding on your car and more.


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