If you’re in the automotive industry selling or repairing automotive vehicles like a car or any other vehicles and looking for some promotional work, then you need high-end quality photos to advertise your goods offline or online, which appears to be more focused on your brand. Digital car photo editing services are:


Raw car images are good for posting on websites, blogs, or social networking sites.  But, if you want to make more impact on the audience or viewers, you need to edit the photos for sure. Smooth and tidy, colorful pictures, after all, provide good ideas to the customers who want to buy cars from you. Digital car photo editing services and backgrounding for dealer images. 

Incorrect color, shadow, background, noise, darkness, and so on make pictures unattractive and less interesting. There are quite a few pro editors who are ready to correct them with full quality in a given time. It will keep your images away from poor feedback, least revenue, and lack of customer relationships.  With the help of online digital car photo editing services,  using software such as Photoshop, these steps can quickly solve the image limitations.

STEP 1 – Creating Your Document

It is important to create your document to suit your needs of correct size and resolution. As a general rule, it is easier to go large and then adjust the size of the image than to go small and seek to increase the size of the image. To know more please read it digital car photo editing services.

STEP 2 – Place images in your document

First, we have to place our stock images in the document. To do so, go to File > Place Embedded in Photoshop or any other such software that you use. This places your image as a smart object in your scene.

STEP 3 – Change the composition of your background

It is time to take a look at the composition once you have the focal image in your document. You can check for stock images at this stage, and start placing them in your file to see what looks fine. Keep a close eye on perspective to produce a practical result. The new images you bring into the scene will fit the current image perspective.


STEP 4 – Unwanted objects removed with the Clone Stamp Tool

Would you like to clean up? This is what this stage is all about. You have placed all the images in your document to create the composition; now is the time to remove any undesirable parts. Delete any imperfections on the bush while edit the supercar, pavement, and car and newly put stock photos.

STEP 5 – Change the Focal Point of Your Picture

Most compositions would have a focal point; this should be taken into account in the planning stage. When it comes to image editing, the focal point should be given a lot of focus.

STEP 6 – Removal of Personal Information / Details

It is necessary to delete any personal information such as logos, text, names, etc. while using stock photos. This will prevent any violation of copyright and ensure that there is no advertising of the product.

STEP 7 – Correcting Car Body Contrasts

We have now completed our composition and removed all unwanted parts of the scene. It’s time to correct the contrast.

STEP 8 – Sharpening the Car Image

Combining various images can lead to sharper areas than others. Part of the context may be concentrated when they are not focused. To ensure clarity in the image and focus areas are correct, we need to edit the sharpness.

It’s a useful way to make your pictures look super crisp. You can go one step further and perform steps 1-7 repeatedly to further sharpen sections of the image.

STEP 9 – Advanced Color Correction

It is undoubtedly one of the process’s most critical phases but it is still ignored. The final color adjustments help create a seamless blend within the composition of all the images. They also let you create a certain mood or feeling. Add a color lookup change layer above all other layers to effect this modification. Then go in, and edit each color on the change layer individually. Also, choose a photo filter to make the sun shine brighter.

You can see that the colors make a much more unified mixture in the composition. The car seems exotic.



Wrapping Up

You can make beautiful pictures, compositions, and picture manipulations in no time if you adopt these 9 image editing techniques.

It is a process that needs perseverance; here it is certainly true to call “practice makes it perfect.” The more image edits you make, the more sophisticated your method will be. The benefit of this process is that it can be applied to any image, movement, or static of an automobile and can be tailored to match your style. So hurry up to get the best quality digital car photo editing services.