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Clean Dust And Make Brighter Car Photos With Photoshop.

Your car selling a business is now escalating up, and you are having a lot of customers. But you now don’t have a good way to present your vehicles to the consumers you have. Running an online business is greatly dependant on how you present your products to your consumer base. You will greatly be affected by the quality of pictures you post of your vehicles. More than half of the people who are online surfing to buy products will decide on buying or not buying based on the quality of the pictures they see.

If they are attracted to the images, they will check out other details about it and decide whether to buy it. This is why you must consider car image editing to make your vehicle pictures as polished as possible. 

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So how can you make your pictures look the best by not even spending that much time in the process? Hire a company who would do this service for you. And what better car image editing service than Car Pics Editing itself? We at Car Pics Editing serve our consumer base to bring them the highest quality image editing services. We have helped a huge consumer base boost sales in their online businesses by refining the product photographs they bring to us. Without any hassle, you can clean dust, make your images look brighter, and fix any other kinds of errors you may find in your product photographs. 

Why should I clean dust from my product photographs?

Image editing is the part of selecting a few photographs that you are going to use for your online car selling business. This is a very important step that helps to isolate your raw pictures that don’t bring many sales from those that do. For a photographer, it is also a difficult task. He has to decide which images are good enough to go for your online business and which should be discarded.

Mages that you may have found great ones while shooting may not be of any use later when you view them for posting as they don’t serve the cause of what they were captured. Hence comes image editing to service. 

With the right skills and tools of image editing, you can make any photograph serve the purpose of why it was shot. The more you dive into editing images, the more you will realize the number of possibilities you get in this world. But you don’t have enough time to work all this out; hence image editors come to action. 

We at Car Pics Editing are here for the cause. We have highly trained and professional staff who know their job well and can fix any imperfections you have in your photographs. We suggest getting the dust cleaned from your photographs of vehicles as blurred or unclear pictures aren’t of any cause as they won’t attract any potential consumers. When you aren’t making any sales online, you aren’t making any progress. Hence instead of posting pictures as they are, in their most raw shape, try getting them edited by professionals. 

What services can I get from Car Pics Editing?

We at Car Pics Editing serve our customers with the following high-quality car image editing services to polish up their car photographs and bring them the sales they are looking for online. 

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  1. Vehicles background replacement:

We will take your car photos that may have any background in them. It may be a street or a studio in the background. Anything can be edited. If you don’t like the background of the images you have taken of your vehicles, you can take quiet on our background replacement services. We will apply vehicle background replacement, car photo editing, car image editing, and car image background replacement. Your images will have the background you desire for the images you have taken. We will also guide you on how and what background will look better on the images you have taken.

This will be affected by the color of the vehicle or the lighting you take the images in. car pics editing is here to serve you high-quality image editing services as we ensure that our customers get the best from us. we want to see you making sales by the images that get edited by our professional editors. 

2. Vehicles shadow making and retouching service:

Most people need to promote sales by using highly outstanding photographs or images that can captivate the viewers. But still, they can’t find the results they desire to have. Why is this so? this is because the images they are using to make sales are not taken in the right lighting and are not edited in a way to keep the viewers hooked with them. This is why you must get the vehicle’s shadow making and retouching service to make your photographs look their best and attract more buyers on every end. 

3. Automotive dealer photo editing services:

Car shoppers wish to see attractive photos of cars in online stores. Dealerships need to have these photographs perfectly ready for potential customers. It helps in increasing the sales in a manageable and easy way. Before you publish the images online, make sure they are edited for how automotive dealer photos must be. 

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Some more services offered by Car Pics Editing:

  • Car text up and banner adding 
  • Background and template customizing 
  • Automotive dealer photo editing 
  • Automotive photo resizing and cropping 
  • Car enhancement 
  • Vehicles clipping path 
  • Vehicles background replacement 
  • Add the company template 
  • Vehicles color correction 
  • Vehicles retouching service 
  • Automotive dealer image editing 
  • Webshop image editing 
  • Web image optimization 

Are you ready to make your vehicles look their best in photographs to make more sales? Book a quote with us at Car Pics Editing. 


You will greatly be affected by the quality of pictures you post for your vehicles. More than half of the people who are online surfing to buy products will decide on buying or not buying based on the quality of the pictures they see. If they are attracted to the images, they will check out other details about it and decide whether to buy it.

Car transparent background Feature image

How to make Car transparent background ?

Car transparent background

Car transparent background especially means that when a Raw Car cutout from a raw background. Generally, we shoot out car photos in different places and different location like- Outdoor, Garage and Showroom. But this is not useable for online advertisement or inventory management. We need to modify it by Appling many photo editing services like-


Car transparent background process:

Dealers are shoot photos of the car and they want to make it more eye catchy and attractive. In this purpose, we need to apply Car photo editing services with Photoshop process. We can make a car transparent background by following these steps-

Step 1:

Take a Car raw image in Photoshop. Open this photo in Photoshop layer. This layer generally named “Background”.

Open image on Photoshop

File > Open > Select the location


Step 2:

Make a Clipping Path using Photoshop pen tool and draw the clipping around the Car. Clipping path is the best process for cutting out an image or product. There are many ways to cut out the image but Clipping is the top class and high-quality process to keep us the high-end transparent background.

By applying Clipping Path we can easily make Car image transparent or PNG.

Pen Tool

Select Pen Tool > Draw exact Pen Tool Process > Follow the picture

Clipping path by Pen Tool


Step 3:

After finishing Clipping path you need to activate selection and then we need to add feather for making the edge soft cut and next, we need to take off a transparent layer by clicking Ctrl + J. Follow the process >>

Path selection

Ctrl + Enter (for selection) >   Ctrl+ Alt+ D or Shift+F6 (Add Feather) >     Ctrl + J >

Take new Transparent Layer >> >

New transparent Layer


After Transparent


Hide the background layer and then you see the transparent Car.

Hide background

So, only using these three steps you can make a Car transparent background easily. If you aren’t clear then check out our video tutorial below.

Why need Transparent Background:

Actually, we need a transparent service to make an image moveable or transferable one place to another place. By a transparent image or background, you can-

  • Place a Car image on different background or storefront
  • Can move car any angle
  • Rotate car
  • Replace car background images
  • Adding shadow under a car image and more services.
  • Car image editing

Transparent before and after

Outsource Car Transparent Background:

Car pics editing” offers best quality Car transparent background service with high quality and fast delivery. About 55+ designer waiting for serving you image background replacement service. You are most welcome to take our quality services.

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