Essential Tips for Dealership Photo Editing To Increase Sales

Essential Tips for Dealership Photo Editing To Increase Sales

If your dealership has an online presence, be it via social media or a website, you probably already know how important it is to have your photographs ready. 

Hiring a professional photographer can be costly, as well as time-consuming. While it’s helpful to get your photographs taken by a skilled photographer, if it’s out of your budget, there’s no reason to think about it! At Auto Jini, our mission is to help our dealers have a good online presence. The remainder of this post will include tips and tricks on how to take the best pictures of your car dealership by yourself. 

Essential Tips for Dealership Photo Editing To Increase Sales 2

You don’t have to buy a fancy or costly camera to take high-quality pictures. As long as you’ve got decent lighting, don’t zoom in, and have a good angle eye, your smartphone should be enough. The iPhone 6 and later, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and later, or any smartphone that has been launched in the last few years, all have a back camera of at least 8 megapixels or more. This is appropriate for online publishing. However, whether you have a professional camera, or if you know someone who does, it will be a safer choice. 

Taking Photos of Your Vehicles

Make sure you take your pictures on a sunny day, so the lighting can be one of the most important variables about whether you can take a decent shot. Take pictures outdoors with plenty of natural light and rooms. Place the car away from every other vehicle to make sure the scenery isn’t too distracting; the goal is to make the car stand out. Cleared parking lot or open lawn field are ideal choices for photo locations. 

The first thing you want is a clear shot from the car’s front corner, which is also known as the three-quarter view. This is usually a frame used for thumbnails. This perspective helps you to reveal a lot of the car in an enticing manner. 

Next, you’re going to like more shots of the exterior of the vehicle from different perspectives. Customers tend to get as much detail as they can, so you’re going to want to take a range of shots. Remember not to take pictures at eye level while you can, so this is the least flattering angle for a vehicle. Shoot vertically, particularly if you’re using your smartphone, because vertical photos look better on your mobile devices. Another helpful tip is to make sure you don’t get your reflection in the frame. The cars’ exteriors are glossy and reflective, which looks fantastic, but watching a person with a phone in the mirror doesn’t look very professional. 

Images from the inside of the car are also important. Few cars are more stylish on the inside than they are on the outside, so if it’s a selling factor, you’ll want to get some decent pictures. Examples include a dashboard, a photo of the front door open showing the interior and the front seat, the back seats, and more. Make sure to take some informative shots as well. Does the car have a back-end camera, a DVD player, or other special features? Display them in your snaps! 

Stop using filters or editing the images too much, so the authenticity would be removed. Customers are trying to buy a car, not to judge their creative talent. 

Essential Tips for Dealership Photo Editing To Increase Sales 3

Taking Photos of Your Dealership

In addition to photographs of your cars, it’s a smart idea to have high-quality photos of your dealership ready at all times. Your online business directory listings will look more trustworthy with pictures, and they will look fine on social media as well. Potential buyers are more likely to trust dealers who display pictures of their dealership online. 

Take pictures throughout the day and try taking shots to close large windows to get the best natural light. Pictures are more fun to look at when they are topics, so ask the staff if you can take candid pictures of them meeting with clients. You don’t want to see a lot of pictures of an abandoned dealership because it’s not interesting to watch. Note the law of third parties as you take photographs of your dealership. Your images will look more polished and aesthetically appealing. 

You’re probably going to want to get a range of different images to stop all the photos from looking the same. Show off various areas of the house, including the main office, the reception room, the support department, and the car park. 

Take the time to work. It could take a few attempts to get a decent shot, but you can’t become a professional photographer overnight. Be careful, and you’ll find that your photographs are improving over time, helping your online visibility and creating confidence in your customers. 

AutoJini is glad to assist in every way we can. Please email us today for advice or let our talented graphic designers help turn your images. Our content management and inventory management scheme 

Making it convenient for you to upload images anytime you want to refresh your account, including on-the-go on our smartphone applications! 

5 Excellent Auto Dealership Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies

Whether large or small, you can effectively market a car dealership company. Here are suggestions for vehicle ads for every budget: 

There are a million passenger trucks, vans, taxis, bikes, and other cars registered every year, making the automobile industry one of the biggest in the world. Thus, instead of seeing big corporations as rivals in the automobile sector, small firms can still succeed with the use of the right tactics. Whether large or small, you can effectively market a car dealership company. Here are suggestions for vehicle ads for every budget: 

1. Employ a Digital Marketer Specialist 

Social media is one of the most used sites for people hunting for a car dealer. Hiring a specialist to boost your digital strategy will increase the management and tracking of your social campaign. Customers may have skepticism of the auto industry and may like to see the experience of other customers of your car dealership business. More frequently than not, consumers trust feedback from other customers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Maintaining a favorable interactive profile will make you worry about your credibility. A media specialist can track and help you navigate social networks, as well as run social advertising ads on these sites for you. They can also provide other solutions such as digital listing management, web design, advertisement show, SEO marketing and optimization, and some other services that can improve your online presence. 

2. Create and upload ‘How-To’ videos on the internet 

Create YouTube videos for all stages of vehicle procurement, awareness-raising, interest, purpose, and purchase. For example, you can make videos on how to-create knowledge and inform potential clients. If you are curious, make a video of why your dealership is better and different from other rivals. In order to do so, speak about specific different brands, styles, and make a decision to support prospective customers. Finally, create a video that invites buyers to your dealership, introduces the steps of buying a vehicle, and how the car parts work, as well as how to service their cars by model. Since Youtube is the second-largest search engine in terms of video quality and volume, it ranks well in Google’s fast-track search engine. 

3. Using cloud-based marketing software 

To send emails or manual dialing to about 500 users, a car broker will pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time. However, related work can be faster and considerably cheaper by cloud-based collaboration platforms. Getting an up-to-date automotive contact center with adaptive software that is well suited for auto marketers will help car brokers grow and promote their companies. Such tools make it easier and more straightforward to connect with clients, saving time and money. The app can be used to warn consumers of changes in gasoline, promotions, and shortages, immediately by email or through immersive voice messaging. It also has features that allow dealers to make automated calls and thus produce automatic, engaging customer responses. 

Essential Tips for Dealership Photo Editing To Increase Sales 4

4. Customer Service Focus and Loyalty 

The dealership industry is vulnerable to shift when it comes to marketing, so more emphasis is required on customer service. It is an integral factor when it comes to the transformation of manufacturing. A clear example of this is the Car Search Brokers, who demonstrate how they feel for their clients by placing the slogan “Buying & selling a car made easy” on their website. 

Car dealer advertisers can be hard-pressed when it comes to prices, but a good company logo in consumer service may help a company stand out. Secure customer service is accomplished by activities such as word of mouth, increased customer satisfaction, and push referrals. Although dealers will steal ideas from each other and make the dealership look more or less the same to a buyer, the customer experience makes a difference. Businesses can mimic what they encounter, but they cannot replicate an outstanding customer experience. 

5. Maintaining Brand Consistency 

No matter how big or small the company is, keeping the same name is important. When consumers see a specific design and color logo on your website, and then another one on your property, they will cause apprehension. Hold the logo, design, design, and photographs in place. Also, use the same font for clear email, phone number, and text. This will establish a good image of your car dealership business

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