How to make a car look shiny in photoshop?

You will find multiple easiest built-in tools in photoshop to ensure a dramatic change of the photo. Using those tools, you can present a shiny and stand-out photo. Plus, those tools will help you turn any gloomy and dull photo into a shiny photo.

However, giving a shiny effect to your dull and gloomy photo in photoshop isn’t a complex task. You can easily do that by following some simple techniques. Let’s explore how to make a car look shiny in photoshop.




How to make a car look shiny?

If you drive every day, your car gets a lot of scratches, oxidation, and swirls. Therefore, the paint has a lot of contamination and you can hear the rough sound when you touch the surface. Typically, those things are stuck in the pores of the paint which gives you a rough and grimy feel. So, let’s see how to make the car surface shine. To begin with, select a small area and take an OG Clay Bar and clay the car surface. Then, you need to knead that into a paddy using two or three fingers. Now, take a lubricant and spray it on the surface and work it back and forth in straight lines using a decent amount of pressure. We use Clay Luber as the lubricant.

After using that lubricant, hopefully, you will see all the junk runoff and all the crap coming out of the paint. Thus, it will bring back the previous smooth feeling. Then, take a clean microfiber towel to clean the surface. Note: You need to buff off in one direction to avoid creating any new swirls and scratches. When you feel the smooth surface, now it’s time to go to the next process like top it off with a glaze.

Hopefully, you get the shiny smooth surface on your selected area. Now, you need to finish off the rest of the vehicle.

Now, take a TORQ 10FX and a Blue Pad to apply glazes, waxes, and sealants. Applying those will result in a very fine layer. Plus, it will make the bond to the surface and buff off easier. We take EZ Creme Glaze and shake it up. Using that material, you can enhance shine and bring out the metallic. Also, that will fill the minor swirls and scratches. So, we loaded the pad and blotch it out, and spread it out in an even layer with the lowest speed. Our product EZ Creme demands only fifteen minutes to bond, then you need to buff off the excess. After buffing it off, you can clay the vehicle and apply EZ Creme all over the painted surfaces. Hopefully, now, you can see an amazing deep reflective shine.





How to Create a Shiny Paint Effect in Photoshop?

  • Let’s see the process of creating a shiny paint effect in photoshop.
  • To begin with, you need to navigate to File => Open and select your desired photo to open in photoshop.
  • Now, go to the bottom right corner to select the layer palette. Then, click right on that layer titled and choose Background => Duplicate Layer. Therefore, you can give a shiny effect to your entire image. Now, choose a Lasso Tool from the tool palette and select a part of the image using the lasso tool. You need to trace around the section’s edges that you want to give a shiny effect. Then, navigate to “Layer” => select “New” => choose “Layer via Copy” to convert your selection into a new layer.
  • Now, go to the layer palette to create a new layer. Then, navigate to the drop-down box that is named “Normal” and click there to select “Screen”.
  • If you find your selection overlaps other areas of the image, you can erase those using the Eraser Tool. So, be careful while erasing around the image’s edges.
  • After that, choose “Duplicate Layer” by right-clicking on the new layer. Then, go to the box that is named “Screen” and click on that to change that status by “Overlay”.
  • Now, go to the top of the screen to select “Filter” => “Blur” => “Gaussian Blur”. Then, reduce the radius by dragging the slider to the left until it becomes 1.0 pixels. You can test other sizes to see how the image looks, for example, more or less blurry. Note: When you increase the radius, it will make your image more blurry.
  • Finally, you need to click on the “Layer” => select “Flatten Image” to flatten your image. Then, navigate to the “File” => “Save as” => choose in which format (JPG or PNG) you save your image.




Photoshop Car reflection effect

Let’s see how to give a car reflection effect in photoshop.

  • Firstly, you need to choose the marquee tool and then drag and make a selection around the area on where you want to reflect.
  • We want to reflect at the bottom of the wheels so; you need to select around the top section of the image.
  • Now, go to the Layers panel and press ctrl J to copy that selection to a new layer. If you hide the background, you can see whether you can trim down at the wheel nicely.
  • Now, turn the move tool from the toolbar so, just hit the V key for that.
  • Then, you need to press control T to go into free transform mode, hence you can do multiple transforming.
  • After that, right-click on the image, then you will see multiple menus. Your job is to click on the Flip Vertical.
  • Then, you will see the vertical transformation of the car. That formation lets you move by dragging. Note: Move the car into the bounding box area.
  • If you hold down the shift key while moving, you can constrain it to perfectly vertical.
  • Try to line up those wheels to make sure a nice reflection then press the Enter key.
  • Up next, click on Layer 1 and then click on the Filter from the top and choose Blur => Motion Blur.
  • Now, a new control panel will open, and choose the degree depending on how much distance you want to apply.
  • Another option named Distance lets you increase and decrease the portion of a blur.




Photoshop car retouching ideas

  • In the following section, we are going to present two different photoshop car retouching ideas.
  • Changing the Background of Car Image
  • Firstly, you need to open your desired image in photoshop.
  • Then, create the photo’s duplicate layer.
  • Next, keep that duplicate layer selected and choose the pen tool from the quick menu and select your desired area.
  • Then, press Ctrl+Enter to select the path.
  • Again, you need to inverse the photo by pressing Shift+Ctrl+I.
  • Finally, navigate to the quick menu to choose the brush tool. Then, brush on the duplicate photo layer’s background. Now, clean the background using white color to get a white background on the image.




Car Image Transparent Background Making Process

  • Open your desired photo in Photoshop.
  • Then, create your photo’s duplicate layer.
  • Next, keep the duplicate layer selected and also select the Pen tool from the quick menu and select your desired area.
  • Then, press Ctrl+Enter to select the path.
  • Finally, transparent the image background by pressing Ctrl+J.


Final Thought

By now, we have given you comprehensive details on how to make a car look shiny in photoshop. Hopefully, our article will help you make your car photo eye-catching and outstanding. So, to get more tutorials please bookmark this site.

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For your Car inventory, we offer to Customize Template adding service as your chosen or your provided background. After adding this template you can easily upload it on your dealership server like Homenet and other inventory groups. We also provide you with uploading service after completing your image editing services. On the other hand, sometimes dealers are needing their own store template or ground then we’ll make it perfect after removing unwanted parts and object like People or Cars from its. Sometimes we need to add Sky, Surface, Ground, Background wall, Solid backgrounds like white, gradient effect background and more types.

  • Automotive Colour Enhancement and modification:

To make your car more gorgeous and more perfect we offer Car Colour correction and Adjustment service with enhancement lot of editing. We used Update Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC software to make your camera raw image more perfect and more effective for your dealership and inventory.

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Remove unwanted object from car background

Remove unwanted object from your vehicles background template

Generally, we shoot our car photography images in outdoor places and indoor places. But sometimes while we take photos here some unwanted objects like another car, People and randomly object stay on our pictures.

In this situation, we need to modify our car background or template. There are many ways to remove that. Hardly have we notice that some objects are too much complex that has not possible to remove because the image will damage.

Two ways I’m going to talk today they are

  1. Touch-up or Retouching:

We need to touch up some photos for hiding the unwanted object from a car background. This is a very difficult task for us because we need to be more expert to adjust touch-up or retouching work. Otherwise, the image will remain damage.

Before retouch

So the designer or automotive dealer image editors are very professional and expert in this sector. They can easily solve your problem by using their expert hand and editing knowledge. But here is the point of difficulty to make the most complex touch up images. Check the below image.

After retouch, car image editing, vehicles background replacement
  • Vehicles background replacement:

Now, this is the way to make your car fully professional looks. The way is artificial but your car turns into a real and attractive look for your car seller inventory and dealership inventory selling online.

The car photo editor makes your car more gorgeous by applying the background removal method. They firstly clipped out your car form raw background and then take in a new template or background. After that, they applying shadow effects and sometimes use reflection for a realistic look. On the other hand, they also adjust the lighting and contrast for making it more natural.

Changing car background

Check out the below image for a clear concept.

“Car Pics Editing”- is one of the most popular and professional Automotive dealer image editing service providers. This company provider you:

Get a free trial to check out our image editing services-


How to modify your car easily

Automotive photos are taken by the photographers. While you finished your car photography or Car full set photoshoot then you need to modify your car easily images for selling or online presentation.

However, car photo shoot occurs in different places and position with natural reflection and dust. So we need to remove that unwanted reflection and the lighting effect like sunlight and the sky reflected. Sometimes the color has also damaged and the body is full of dust with a sketch. How to modify your car easily

Eventually, we need to adjust all these things by applying some editing works on Photoshop by the expert designer or image editor like “Car Pics Editing”.

We can modify our cars by applying many different effects or editing methods. Here I describe some method below:

 Step 1: First open your raw car or automotive image in Photoshop. Then make a copy like make a background layer copy and hide the original background layer.

Step 2: First closely look at the car body clearly that if there was stay any dust or sketch. If you found then remove it by using a stamp tool or healing brush tool.

Step 3: Then you need to look at the color of the car. If the color is not perfect then adjust it by applying the Hue or saturation or the color level option. You can adjust the brightness and contrast also from the brightness and contrast Option.

Step 4: You can change the car background and add a new template or ground for making more attractive and gorgeous.

Step 5: Now you can make a shadow under the car and the wheels for making it a real look. Drop and Natural shadow is common in this section.

Step 6: For a more realistic look you can add the reflection effect behind the car. This effect brings your car looking more natural and real.

After applying these steps your car becomes more gorgeous and attractive and now you can use it for online presentation and inventory.

Hope this article makes your sense and grows the knowledge about how to modify a car image and looking more gorgeous in the online inventory.

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Professional car retouching service

Professional car retouching service tutorial

We are going to learn very important and helpful service tips from “CAR PICS EDITING“. Today we are starting to gaining the quick and easy tips to make a car more attractive and eye-catchy looks with the help of car image retouching service.

Car retouching- Before & After

Now we can start it by opening an raw image which is full of dust and sketch in Photoshop.

Then we need to lookup closely the full car where we need to touch up or retouch. Next, we can start to retouch our car by following the steps:

>>> We know lots of tools are used for retouching service like- the Brush tool, Clone stamp tool, Spot healing brush tool and more.

  1. In this tutorial, we used the Spot healing brush tool to touch up the dust area. First, we are trying to make up the area and level up as the same color as the car body.

2. Then we used the clone stamp tool to adjust the damaged area by taking the perfect area and color. Please follow the video tutorial attentively.

3. Next, we used the Brush Tool. This tool we used to adjust the color part of that car image.

Check out our retouching service:-

Automotive dealer image editing and enhancement

For clear concept Please check out that video-

[ Car retouching service tutorial ]

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How to retouch a car easily in Photoshop.

How to edit rig shot in automotive photography

How to edit rig shot in automotive photography

How to edit rig shot in automotive photography

One of the greatest difficulties I confronted while learning Automotive Photography was the altering and post handling that pursues a shoot. These abilities turned out to be much progressively urgent after the buy of my Carbon Fiber Camera Rig.

It makes life extraordinarily simple when needing to add movement to your shots however it comes at an expense. The 6m long post that is abandoned causing reflections and shadows by the drove! These all must be altered out before the last shading alterations and subtleties are refined.

You can see beneath the before/after of an ongoing apparatus shot I did as a component of the Charity Rig Shots I accomplished for Charity Sporting Events.

Relatively few individuals understand the measure of work that goes into the last alter. One client on the day inquired as to whether I could alter out a little scrape on their guard.

I laughed to myself and made the cheerful answer “On the off chance that I can alter out 6 meters worth of carbon fiber I’m certain I can deal with your scrape”.

How to edit rig shot in automotive photography

Remove unwanted spot from a car:

You can easily remove your car unwanted spot by using retouching service. Automotive image solution services are served by Car Pics Editing.

They can highly care about your vehicle’s photo after the shoot. You can find-

  • Car photo editing
  • Car shadow service
  • Automotive dealer image solution
  • Car color correction
  • Template changing and customizing
  • Remove dust and sketch
  • Unwanted reflection from the car body

And more services.

Why you decide to buy a used car

Why you decide to buy a used car

Why you decide to buy a used car

Vehicles are a standout amongst the most costly buys we make in our lives, and despite the fact that the economy is showing signs of improvement, there are as yet numerous individuals who can’t bear the cost of a fresh out of the box new vehicle. In the meantime, autos just keep going so long, and a vehicle that is achieving an amazing finish should be supplanted. Utilized vehicles are a dependable and moderate alternative that numerous individuals with tight spending plans are swinging too. They are additionally winding up increasingly plentiful at nearby trade-in vehicle dealerships as they become a progressively mainstream decision. What makes a trade-in vehicle such an extraordinary choice?

Cost – First and preeminent, a trade-in vehicle will dependably be more affordable than a utilized one. Another vehicle loses an incentive when it is driven off the part, so even a trade-in vehicle with not very many miles and years on it will be less expensive than another one. Vehicle audits and appraisals for trade-in vehicles are frequently given by neighborhood utilized vehicle merchants, or they can be discovered on the web. You see precisely what includes a trade-in vehicle has before getting it, including vehicle wellbeing highlights, sound highlights, and Bluetooth capacities. You can get a total vehicle history so you know precisely what you’re paying for.

Esteem – another vehicle can devalue in an incentive by about 20% inside its first year of proprietorship, as indicated by Edmunds. Utilized vehicles deteriorate at a much slower rate, giving them better an incentive for their age. In the event that you ever choose to sell a trade-in vehicle, you will draw nearer to what you paid for it than if you endeavor to sell a vehicle you purchased new.

Used car after editing by Car pics editing

Car Pics Editing ensured pre-claimed vehicles, are an incredible method to get the estimation of another vehicle at the cost of a utilized one. CPE vehicles experience overwhelming processing plant assessments by the maker before they go on the parcel, and fundamental fixes are made before they are sold to the new proprietor doesn’t need to stress over additional costs directly off the bat. Additionally accompany a guarantee, much the same as another vehicle does.

Numerous individuals are reluctant to purchase a trade-in vehicle since they are apprehensive it isn’t sheltered and that it will cost them more at last. Be that as it may, as vehicle innovation keeps on improving, utilized autos are a more secure and more dependable choice than any other time in recent memory.

Purchase the vehicle you had always wanted with cognizant spending

In spite of the fact that going to the dealership amid the best season to purchase a vehicle is an incredible method to set aside some cash, you can ensure you have much more cash to get the vehicle you had always wanted by actualizing a Conscious Spending Plan.

The normal way individuals take a gander at setting aside extra cash for a major buy like a vehicle ordinarily goes this way:

Stage 1: Cut out things like lattes and purchasing lunch each day with expectations of sufficiently sparing cash.

Stage 2: Occasionally put a couple of dollars into your bank account.

Stage 3: Cave and return to purchasing lunch and lattes consistently.

Stage 4: Stop setting aside some cash for a vehicle by any means, feel terrible for yourself, and return to stage 1.

Car pics editing- offer all types of car image editing services like-

Automotive dealer image solution

Car background replacement

Car touch up and reto  uching

Template adding and customizing

Vehicles photo editing services


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How to edit rig shot in automotive photography

New and Used car photo editing

New and Used Car photo editing

New and Used Car photo editing

Car or inventory sellers arranged their new arrival Car on the showroom and the dealers are placing also New and Used car in their store to sell their customer. Dealer’s view is to provide brand new car with the latest model to their customer but sometimes it not possible to handle for their customer. So dealers are also manage used car to easily backup the customer need.


New and Used car photo editing


To review their cars online they arranged their cars by applying many car image editing service like-

  • Car background replacement
  • Car color correction
  • Vehicles Retouching and enhancement
  • Car template changing and customizing
  • Automotive dealer photo enhancement
  • Car shadow making and more.

New car and used car:

New car arranged to customer attraction and update the inventory. There are many upcoming new cars in New Year 2019. Take a look in our recent content- Top 10 upcoming cars in New Year 2019.

New car photos



Used cars also placed for customer need with the attractive looks after applying automotive photo editing services.

Used car


New and used car photo editing:

Car Pics Editing offer New and Used car photo editing service to enhance your inventory become more gorgeous and eye catchy. First, we care about your Inventory photos by downloading from the server and then applying Background replacement, Ground changing, Drop shadow and Reflection shadow, Color enhancement including interior and exterior, Shadow services like Original shadow, Natural shadow and Drop shadow as the dealers want.

After finishing all editing works on your inventory then we’ll send it back to you with quick efforts. We have a 50+ designer’s team who has always ready to serve your Car photo editing services. We are the best inventory or automotive photo enhancement service provider with high quality and best service efforts. We have a customer support team also whose are always ready to download and uploading your files from your Inventory server.


New and Used car photo editing

Learn more:

Short brief of automotive inventory system

Upcoming Top ten car in new year 2019

Upcoming Top 10 Cars for dealers in Happy New Year 2019

Upcoming Top 10 Cars for dealers in Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2018. Warmly welcome to our Automotive Image Treatment world- “Car Pics Editing”. We are the part of Automotive Dealers, Car sellers and vehicles new and used cars sellers and always stand for support to them in the purpose of online selling by image editing service. Great new is coming up and we are very much excited to express you that some gorgeous and attractive cars are coming now for adding on dealership business. The most renewed company launched their cars in New Year of 2019.


Happy New Year by Car Pics Editing


Merry Christmas” and “New year” celebration will be more happy with buying a new model car or a brand new car. Today “Car Pics Editing” express Top 10 cars which are placed for you on the showroom. So, check out this-

  1. Chevrolet Silverado:

The Chevrolet Silverado right now sits in the back portion of our full-measure pickup truck rankings. The 2019 Silverado hopes to give the Bowtie Brand a superior shot against the Ford F-150, which was updated a year ago and sits alone on our rankings.

Chevrolet Silverado

The new Silverado will offer class-driving freight volume, weigh 450 pounds not exactly the past age, and offer six motor decisions, including an inline-six turbodiesel.

  1. Ford Ranger

Portage has driven our full-estimate pickup truck rankings with the F-multi throughout each and every year. They would like to proceed with that achievement in our conservative pickup truck rankings with the 2019 Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger, which was stopped for the 2011 model year, is at long last back by prevalent interest. It offers a high-quality steel outline, a 2.3-liter Eco Boost motor, and a 10-speed programmed transmits.

3.    Infiniti QX50

The Infiniti QX50, which supplanted the Infiniti EX in 2014, will, at last, be getting its first evident upgrade this year.

Proceeding with a plan dialect that is included on the Q60 and new-for-2017 QX30, the QX50 highlights characterizing bending lines along its side and forceful headlights.

Infiniti QX50

The new QX50 highlights front-wheel drive and a world’s first creation prepared variable pressure motor, which will have the capacity to change its pressure proportion contingent upon whether the driving circumstance calls for elite or high effectiveness.

4.    Audi A7

Joining its A6 brethren in an update, the Audi A7 will likewise highlight another look and new motors for the 2019 model year.

At the point when the A7 touched base on U.S. shores in 2012, it built up itself as one of the best extravagance autos available. It had the looks, it had the brand name, and it had the power. Audi would like to proceed with that with its new structure.

Audi A7

The new Audi A7 offers drivers a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 motor that pushes out 340 pull. That motor is mated to another seven-speed programmed transmission. Audi claims that the fastback car can shoot from zero to 62 mph in 5.3 seconds and hit the best speed of 155 mph.

5.    BMW X7

BMW has been building their SUV lineup for quite a while. From one to six, the BMW X models have solidified their place in the extravagance SUV world. In any case, why stop there?


That is the reason the German brand is presenting the all-new BMW X7. A substantial extravagance SUV, the X7 will situate somewhere in the range of four and seven individuals. While not the majority of the data on the X7 has been discharged, the idea demonstrate offered drivers a twin-turbocharged six-chamber motor with somewhere around one electric engine.

6.    Infiniti QX50

Have you at any point needed to claim a vehicle that could contend at Le Mans? Utilizing innovation that helped the Porsche 919 Hybrid win at the storied French race, the 2019 Porsche Mission E might be as close as you can presently get to that sort of intensity.

Jaguar I Pace

The primary all-electric vehicle from the German maker, the Mission E sports car will give a joined yield of more than 600 pull. That will dispatch the Mission E from zero to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

7.    Hyundai Veloster

The 2017 Veloster offered drivers a 1.6-liter four-chamber motor that delivered only 132 torque. Not so extraordinary for a vehicle endeavoring to contend in the “hot bring forth” fragment. Hyundai has redesigned this motor to a 147-strength 2.0-liter four-chamber, a gain of only 15 torque. The Veloster Turbo is additionally returning for 2019 with a 201-pull 1.6-liter turbocharged four-barrel motor.

Hyundai Veloster

The base motor is accessible with either a six-speed manual or six-speed programmed, and the Veloster Turbo offers a six-speed manual or seven-speed programmed.

8.    Lincoln Aviator

The Lincoln Aviator was an extravagance fair size SUV that Lincoln quit making in 2005. Based off the Ford Explorer, the brief SUV was breathed life into back at the New York Auto Show this past March.

Lincoln Aviator

The new Aviator offers three lines, raise wheel drive, a twin-turbocharged motor, and a module cross breed choice.

9.    Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has never been offered on U.S. soil. Be that as it may, beginning in 2019, the German producer’s little car (shockingly, the hatchback won’t be offered) will formally achieve the American market.

Mercedes Benz A Class


There will be two renditions of the A-Class offered stateside: one with a short wheelbase and one with a more extended wheelbase. Contrasted with the past A-Class that was offered abroad, this new model will be somewhat taller, more extensive, and more.

10.  Volkswagen Arteon

Tragically, the Volkswagen CC was a scavenger in our extravagance average size autos class. It didn’t have the esteem or intensity of its schoolmates. The CC has since been ended, yet Volkswagen is presently presenting the 2019 Arteon as a substitution. The styling of the Arteon evokes that of other German four-entryway roadsters, with a long and low hood joined with an inclining rooftop.

Hope this Car Idea helps you to choose New car in New Year 2019.

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