How to keep car windows from fogging up?

The air with a lot of moisture creates a fog that moisture wants to stick to something to saturate the air with moisture. Moreover, fog comprises tons of even smaller water droplets which make it so hard to see out of Foggy windows. If the fog limits your visibility through the windshield, it becomes impossible to drive carefully. Sad to say, it may lead to causing any serious accident or damage to the vehicle.

Thankfully, there are a handful of solutions to keep a car window from fogging up. Without further ado, let’s see how to keep car windows from fogging up like transparent car glass


How do keep car windows from fogging up while driving?

Do you need to get the fog off your car’s windshield and window frequently while driving? Indeed, it is frustrating and dangerous to drive when the car’s windshield and windows are constantly fogging up. Hopefully, you are thinking of buying a window defogger. Don’t spend money; instead, you can find something in the car to tackle the situation. So, let’s see the process.




  • You can use air conditioning to remove the moisture from the air. For that, you need to set to defrost the air Conditioning cools and pull the water out of the air.



How do keep car windows from fogging up without heat?



The heating technique cannot satisfy you sometimes because the rear windows are fogging up. So, you can use this simple and easy method. Here you don’t need to spend money; instead, you can find something at home to tackle the situation.

You need to put a barrier between the glass and the air to stop your car’s windshield and window from fogging up. After applying this method, the fog can’t stick to the window. In this method, we use those household items.

  • First, you need to fog off the window to keep it completely dry. If you ensure a clean surface, then sticking fog on the window becomes harder.




  • Now, to check which home remedies work well, we will divide the window into six sections. In those sections, we use mouthwash, a bar soap, an avocado, an onion, spit, and toothpaste.



  • Then, rub each item on each section and then buff it off using a paper towel until you can see out of the window clear.




  • After applying all those six items, now, you need to take a steamy pot of water and try to fog up the window where you apply those six items. We found the toothpaste section works well because it won’t become foggy.






How do stop car windows from fogging up in winter?

It is natural that your car’s windshield or window becomes foggy in winter. The outside’s cold air comes in contact with your car’s inside’s hot air and creates condensation. Therefore, it becomes hard to locate ongoing vehicles and passers-by. So, for you, we will demystify some quick, and simple solutions to defog the car window.






  • 1st method: You can turn the heat on to full blast, therefore the hot air will blow and hold more moisture.






  • 2nd method: Locate the a/c button and press that to turn it on. It also helps to remove moisture.






  • 3rd method: Locate the air recirculation button and turn that off. Then, the cold outside air enters your car. That cold air doesn’t carry much moisture so, if that fresh air comes to your car, it can absorb more moisture from your car’s inside.



  • 4th method: open up your car’s windows (as many as possible), hence the inside’s humid air and outside’s drier air will be exchanged.




How do stop car windows from fogging up in summer?




It isn’t unnatural to face a foggy windshield in summer or warm temperatures. It occurs due to the imbalance of your car’s inside and outside’s moisture levels and temperature.

So, to tackle that situation, you need to increase the car’s inside temperature and moisture level. Here are the hacks you can do in that scenario.

  • First, you can activate the Windshield Wiper to keep the windshield free from condensation.



  • Then, press the a/c button to turn off the air conditioner or turn it down. Therefore, your car’s inside temperature will increase. Don’t worry, you won’t feel too hot in your car.




  • Finally, you can turn off the vehicle’s air recirculation button. After that, the moisture level of your car’s inside will increase and match with the outside.




How do keep car windows from fogging up in the rain?





Sometimes we face heavy rain while driving. Then, the windshield becomes foggy and visibility becomes poor. Therefore, you can’t clearly see oncoming vehicles or passers-by on the road. The situation can be tackled easily by turning on the air conditioner.

But, what if, when you see the air conditioner won’t work well? Plus, you have no way to get out of the car and clean the windshield. Don’t worry, if you are in that position, we are here to help you. So, let’s follow this guide below.

  • So, you need to turn on the fan or the blower, whatever you call it. Then, turn that to the mid-level or the higher level whichever you choose.




  • Now, your job is to locate the defroster button. Every car is equipped with a defroster option. You can easily locate that button using the logo like three arrows pointing upward on a window.




  • After locating that button, now press that, then you will see a light come on. After that, you will see a change in the flow of air direction. No air is coming out from the center vent. But, the air comes from the other two the left and right sides. Now, wait for some time, hopefully, the condition will be improved like a clear windshield.





Indeed, a fogged-up window while driving is a hazardous task. Hopefully, our discussed techniques on how to keep car windows from fogging up will show you hope of light.