Building A Photo Booth For Dealership Car Photography

Images are the key for any Dealership Car Photography business you can think of. Perhaps, building a photo booth for dealership car photography becomes essential. Let’s get into the basics of building a photo booth.

We all would agree car photography booths fasten the process of taking car photos right away. Further, you could leverage the shooting process and make it simple. As you put in a little effort to create a comprehensive booth, it would provide you with the most significant result possible. Let’s get into how you could make one for yourself.

Why Do We Need Automotive Photography for Dealership?

Automotive photography is key to the dealership business. Because the photo of the car determines a lot of the possibility of selling, with better photos, any dealer could leverage their selling technique and sell much more cars. Further, it helps dealers to sell cars a lot faster.





Better automotive photography also attracts a higher number of customers to your automotive shop, which is why automotive photography has been a key aspect of the dealership business. You can’t deny the importance of automotive photography for dealerships.

What Is A Car Photo Booth?

A car photo booth is where you create a big studio space only to photograph cars. It also has another name as car photography curtains as well. Most of the time, the studio features a round shape. The backdrop stays white, providing a great platform to photograph a car. 





Moreover, these photo booths are great places to shoot 360 car photographs. Whether you believe it or not, a car photo booth can help you get cleaner photos of your automotive. As you could avoid distraction in the background and create proper lighting, the photo comes out great. 

Ultimate Guide on Building A Photo Booth For Dealership Car Photography

Creating a car photo booth may be a bit harsh to create, but it’s certainly possible. As you will use the car photo booth for dealership car photography, having one is a great option for anyone. You only have to follow the mentioned steps to create a successful car photo booth.


Step 1: Select The Place 

At the first phase of the process, you need to search for a place. In general, places like a big garage, shop, warehouse, or indoor space would be great. Make sure the space is indoor; perhaps, you could better control the lightning.




Keep in mind that the space should fit your cars and have enough space. Thus, the car should come and leave the place without any issue. Hence, selecting the place is a lot crucial. Thus, take the proper time and select a space that matches the following criteria. 

Step 2: Create A Round Shape

Once you have selected the space for your new car photography, mark it down. I mean, create a round shape marking the space. At the same time, mark down the place with markers. While marking out the place, measure the car you will photograph. These cars should fit into the mark.




Once you measure out all of your cars, select a diameter that is at least bigger than most of your cars. The mark is crucial as it helps you create a further structure to place a backdrop. You could use any marker, paint, or anything which would stay in its place until you go onto the next step.

Step 3: Select The Background Color

Now you need to select the background color for your photo booth. In general, white background works great for car photography for dealerships. Thus, you need to manage white curtains to place around the photo booth you will create. This part will be done after removing the car background or making it transparent. 






Yet, white background is not a fixed choice. You could go for other colors such as green or gray backdrops. No matter which color you choose, the curtain should be solid. It means it should consist of solid color without any gradient and texture. It would avoid distraction and noise in the car background. 

Step 4: Setup Curtains Covering The Round Shape

Measure the round mark and height you need to cover. Afterward, set up the curtain you have brought around the round mark. You could use a back support structure to keep the curtain in place. While determining the curtain’s height, make sure it’s high enough to provide a seamless background.





Thus, add a ceiling if the top of your car photo booth is bothering you. In short, you could place the same color ceiling in the round shape you have created. It would provide you total control of lighting as well. Thus, capturing unique angles of the car for dealership photos would be a lot easier. 

Step 5: Place All The Lightings

Once you cover the round markings with a curtain, it’s time to set up lighting. As car surfaces are dynamic, you need quality lighting equipment to create perfect reflection. You could use top-notch softboxes and umbrella lighting as well. To be fair, softboxes can come in affordable ranges. 



You could use boards and reflectors to make the car photo more dramatic. Further, make sure to use the ceiling to adjust the lighting. Thus, you need a little bit of time to adjust the lighting. After figuring out the proper lighting, you could proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Adjust The Camera Settings

In the following part, you need to set up your camera gear for the car photography booth. First, you need to manage a DSLR camera gear unit. Perhaps, finetune the settings to get crisp shots of your automobiles. Thus, it would help you better streamline your photography process. 





Set the aperture to f/5 or lower if possible. Afterward, the ISO setting should be at the lower parameters. Thus, the shutter speed should be faster. These settings would make sure you could bring the car in focus. Meanwhile, the background would get minimal detail, making your car the focal point.

Step 7: Stabilize The Camera

Use a tripod of other gears to stabilize the camera. These would make sure your cameras stay aligned with the land. As a result, your car photos would be consistent. Perhaps, all of the photos of your album would not have any angle imperfections as well. 




If you cannot manage a tripod, manage other stable bases. Because when you are creating 360-degree photos, the camera’s height plays a great role as well. You should not vary the camera’s height to create a coherent photo album. 

Step 8: Start Clicking Photos

In the last part of the tutorial, you need to start clicking car photos. While clicking car photos, always make sure the car is visible, and the background is clean. Further, you should avoid noise while creating a car photo album.




While capturing car photos, don’t rush off. Take time and capture each angle of the car with detail. Examine the car and determine which angle would be the best for your dealership photo. Once you complete your photography process, let the car get out of its place. Place the curtains in a safe place so you can start clicking photos right away. 

The Benefit Of Dealership Virtual Photo Booth




Creating a dealership virtual photo booth can offer you great facilities. You could get right into the smartphones of buyers. As a result, you could get into a better system where the car inquiries become higher and provide you a great range of facilities to sell to them. 

Customer Get To See Your Cars

The best benefits of creating a virtual photo booth, your customers get to check your cars in detail. Unlike a regular car shop, they could linger around for hours at a virtual booth. As a plus, you don’t have to employ anyone to run the virtual showroom.






As all of the photos of the virtual showroom are high quality, it helps you impress your potential buyers. They could also zoom in and check tiny details, which would help to be genuine to your customers while getting a stronger impression on the car.

Offers Better Experience To Customers

With a virtual car booth, you could offer a better experience to your customers. Your customers don’t have to travel to your car dealership showroom. Instead, they could browse your webpage and get into the virtual photo car photo booth. It helps you to offer a better experience.




Thus, as you offer a better experience, customers would be a lot happier. In turn, you could attract more customers day in and day out. Further, you could avoid misunderstandings among customers as you offer better photos of your car. It’s a great benefit to have.

Improves Brand Awareness For Your Business

Are you keen to improve brand awareness? Embed virtual car photo booths or 360-degree photos into your websites. It would improve awareness among your potential customers. As more people learn about your brands, you make more bucks out of it. 




With better brand awareness, you get positive reviews on most media over the internet. You could gain more authority on review websites on your car dealership business. It’s a lot beneficial for growing your business among your customers. 



Boost Your Car Business Revenue 




Virtual car booths can help you increase car sales and increase the total profit margin. As you could reach more customers, the revenue goes high. With better cash flow, you could expand your business to where you want to. As a by-product of better revenue in your car business, you would avoid any issue to run the business. It makes the business great to run, and you get further control in operation. Virtual car photos are both great for a better future for car dealerships. 

Helps Beat Your Competitors

Use the virtual car photography booth when you feel tired of beating your business competitors. It would help you to go ahead of competitors. Customers would get better facilities and beat the competitor, and gain better attention.



You could use 360-degree photos to create virtual booths. As a result, it would make your business great and separate from the crowd of car dealership business. Thus, you don’t have to spend much on their sectors. 


Let’s get into the questions which are important to get into.

What Equipment Should You Use To Create A Booth?

You may need to use a marker to create a round shape. Further, you may need support to place the curtain and cover the round shape. The ceiling support may become essential if the ceiling support is a bit heavier. You need to collect equipment for these tasks. 

How To Create Car 360 Photography?

Well, that’s too easy. Simply take a 360-degree shot of the car from 360-degree. Once you complete shooting the photos, start combining them via photo editing services. In the end, it would create 360 photographs of your car. It would provide you with the best solution of all. Check out more about the car 360 photo editing and enhancement service

Does A Car Photo Booth Help Get Better Images?

A car photo booth can help you get great images with less effort possible. As a result, you could create sublime car photos, which are great to attract car dealership sales. Further, it facilitates the process of creating 360-degree car photography as well. 


Thus, these are the steps for building a photo booth for Dealership car photography. Either way, you go, use the following steps with proper consideration. You could alter and customize the steps as you wish. Thus, it would be better for car photo booth creation.

While creating the car booth, make sure to select the backdrop color wisely because it would influence a lot of your tasks in car photography. Most of the time white background works well and provides you with better results.