Best Automotive Background Remove for dealership Inventory management

Plotting Context Image Substitution is a very important service for dealers who want to use an image processing solution. As long as automobile images are often photographed in the automotive photo studio or in the car park outside the dealer’s shop, the photos do not appear as appealing as they need to be uploaded to the website. Commuting a backdrop with a better custom picture like a background nature or a dealer’s background template itself will produce a photograph that looks a lot of skilled and enticing to be put on their website with a greater effect in catching the interest of prospective buyers. Several firms will change a picture of your car with an acceptable backdrop shot of yours of high quality. Must know software to delete the context 

Eraser tool: The eraser tool –has a range of common drawbacks with the lasso tool, but it is not suited to cutting items with clear/contrast boundaries.

Lasso tool: the lasso tool – doesn’t enable you to form sleek, rounded edges around objects.


Magic wand tool:

Magic wand – its effectiveness is incredibly richly related to drawing. Because of this, it is not excellent to cut an object out of a background that incorporates entirely different colors or shades of colors. Assuming you’re already told about the pen tool, just head over to the toolbar in any edition of the adobe photoshop you’ve got and follow the steps below: 

Step one: Load the picture of the car you’ve got by typing Ctrl + o 

Step two: Click the pen tool or type the letter p on your keyboard. 

Step three: Track around the car, trace it rigorously so as not to leave off every part of the car. Keep tracking until the lines hit the point that you started tracking. 

Step four: To do this, the lines joined easily right-click and click Build Option and click OK. 

Step ve: Press and hold shift + ctrl + alt and use the tool to scrub the selected space. 

Step six: At this point, the context is null, import any background that you choose to use. Check that the international image is below the image layer of the vehicle. 

Top program to erase the automotive history 

Wonder share Photosphere editing toolkit

With choices like ‘straight-line,’ you can physically straighten the picture by drawing a line and, in addition, intensify the sensation of victimization overlays like bokeh, double exposure, etc. To make an extra effect on your pictures. Simply save the presets with the most used settings and apply them anytime you like them. And that, with the aid of the tone curve, you can actually darken or lighten the tones in your picture in a very curved way. Once you’ve written your images’ history, take advantage of the photophore slideshow builder to create a perfect slideshow for posting on a social network or saving on your screen. 


For professional picture editors and designers, photoshop is their last passion. It has achieved monumental consistency for professionals with a wide range of choices and even acts as a picture backdrop remover. Although the photoshop area’s options and edges are different from the category device, you would like to submit to urge management over the method to edit an image cleanly. Prepared writing is done victimization of this method. You’re going to rework pictures to drawings, type diagrams to create appealing pictures. 

1. Photoshop Plugin

Remove. The Bg plugin for Photoshop is the easiest way to separate the backdrop from the topic. 

Download the extension, then enter your API key to get started. 

If you have activated it, remove it. Bg, you can see a new menu option available from the drop-down menu window. Go to Extensions to Delete Context. This pulls up a button that you can press any time you want to delete the backdrop from the already opened (or selected) image in Photoshop. 

Downloading the remove. The Bg plugin for Photoshop is free of charge. You can also obtain credits to process images – which you can use in all delete. Bg products and integrations. 

2. Photoshop Remove Background Tool

3. The Quick Selection Tool

Photoshop’s Fast Sorting Feature uses artificial intelligence to determine in real-time where the edges of the topic and the beginning of the context drops. The method works well where there is a strong gap between your background and your background. If there is so much resemblance in the pixels, you’ll get lost and waste hours are adding and subtracting the components. When you have made the initial list, you can alternate between adding to the selection and subtracting from the selection in the menu. 


How to use the Quick Selection Tool

4. The Background Eraser Tool

This technique is used to delete backgrounds from photographs containing more than a certain amount of fine detail between the subject and the background. 

It works by taking a snapshot of the hue in the middle of the brush and choosing the same or identical colored pixels as you pass the cursor.  

How to use the Background Eraser Tool

5. The Pen Tool

The pencil tool is the furthest range of AIs you can get without going freehand. (Freehand is, of course, an alternative that you can use – in Layer and Mask – particularly if fuzzy edges are OK, such as a light sea against a light sky.) 

Anyway, the Pen Tool lets you draw around an area using a mix of straight lines and flexing curves. You will switch between the two by mousing over the node and pressing the Control/CTRL-key.  

digital-marketing-for-automobile-industry-Car pics editing

How To Buy A Car Photo Editing On A Shoestring Budget


The auto showcasing industry is an enormous business. With a large number of vehicle deals in question, it’s not difficult to perceive why producers are eager to pay abundantly to have staggering pictures of their most recent models made. If you’ve ever seen an expert auto photography shoot, at that point, you’ll realize that a great deal of costly stuff and areas go into flaunting each exquisite bend and projection of these superb metallic boxes.

However, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have a gigantic cluster of lighting, the distribution center measured studio or the enormous spending camera and focal points utilized in those shoots. Indeed, like most things in the realm of photography, in case you’re willing to get somewhat car transparent background imaginative and invest a little energy in Photoshop, you can wind up for sure exceptionally cool, calm pictures that are similarly as significant as those as much as possible creations, however at a small amount of the expense.

Car Background Remove-Car Pics Editing

Car photography tips 01 & 02:

GearIndeed, the more significant part of the stuff you need for these shots, you’ll probably effectively own. With merely a moderately little cost for two or three pieces of spending gear (which will undoubtedly see parcels more use later on), you’ll be set to go.

So all you’ll require to get a comparative look at this is any passage level DSLR (mirrorless will work fine as well) and unit focal point, a whole mount (or anything sufficiently solid to hold the camera level), and a good blaze/trigger combo and a softbox.

Presently, as I referenced above, you probably as of now have the DSLR and stand, so what amount will an off-camera streak and softbox cost? Not as much as you may suspect. The arrangement I utilize cost under £80 (USD 110) complete for a Yonne YN560iii streak/trigger and a Newer 24inch softbox, the two of which are accessible on Amazon.

Car photography tips 03 & Auto photography tips 04

Programming and studio

Concerning the altering side of things, the approach of Photoshop (and Lightroom) Creative Cloud (CC), and the chance to pay month to month for a membership, these two amazingly incredible photograph altering programs have become a ton simpler to legitimize financially. For around $9.99 every month (at the hour of this composition), you can get full access and regular updates to BOTH projects, which, contrasted with the expense for Photoshop CS6 (the last independent version before CC was delivered), is an incredibly extraordinary arrangement.

At last, what might be said about the shooting area, I hear you inquire. Indeed, this is the “studio” I utilized.

Car photography tips 05 & Auto photography tips 06

The Invisible Black Background

As should be obvious, these shots can even be taken without trying to hide, inside a little open air space. The way to accomplish this look is to utilize a strategy called the Invisible Black Background and an expression begat by my old buddy Glyn Dewis. This strategy could fill a whole devoted instructional exercise all alone. DPS has recently been seen as a video direct from Glyn himself (which I ask you to watch, as it has countless various applications).

Fundamentally the thing you are doing is utilizing your ISO, shade speed, and opening together to remove all-encompassing light from your shot, to record a dark picture. Consider it enormously underexposing your image. This is so when you fire the glimmer to catch your working picture, and all the camera sees there is the light ousted by the blaze and none of the encompassing light. Subsequently, the term, undetectable dark foundation.

So, it is difficult to mention what settings you should use to accomplish this, as it is altogether directed by the encompassing light degrees of your scene. However, as a gauge set, start at around ISO 100, f/11, and a shade speed of 1/125th of a second. If you find that you can, in any case, see detail or surrounding light in the shot from that point onward, at that point either utilize a higher f/number (like f/16) or a somewhat quicker shade speed (making a point not to go over your camera’s maximum blaze sync speed, for the most part around 1/160th – 1/320th relying upon the camera).

Whenever you’ve messed with those settings and have a dark picture on your screen, have a good time stepping through a couple of exam shots with the glimmer and softbox, raising and bringing down the force of your blaze in like manner for the openness you need. Presently how about we get to the fabulous piece at that point – shooting!

Shooting Setup

When you have your spending pack gathered, the cycle to catch your shots is genuinely straightforward. With your glimmer trigger appended to the hot shoe of your camera and your blaze head fitted to the lightbox, set the camera on self-clock mode. Line your camera and mount in advance and focus on the vehicle. At that point, hit the screen button, hold your blaze and softbox straightforwardly over one side of the vehicle’s hood, with the light looking down toward the floor, and trust that the shot will discharge. Watch that you’re content with the light position and afterward rehash the cycle for the vehicle’s opposite side.

It would help if you wind up with several pictures that resemble this:

Car image editing color correction sample


Auto photography tips 07 & Auto photography tips 08

This shooting procedure, and the accompanying post-preparing strategy, would then be utilized for all other angles of the vehicle you need to shoot. Yet, for this article, I’ll focus on the front profile as it were.

Altering Your Automotive Photography

Open your pictures in Photoshop. If you shoot in a simple arrangement, ensure that any worldwide changes you make to white equilibrium, openness, contrast, and so forth In Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to one picture are made to all the others. If they are not adjusted, when the different sides of your shots are consolidated, you’ll end up with an odd-looking picture.

Consolidate your shots as layers

When your pictures are open in the entire Photoshop workspace, you should layer one image on top of the other. The least demanding approach to do this is to pull the picture tabs separated, so you have two separate workspaces (see beneath).

Auto photography tips 09

While holding the move key, intuitive the Background layer from the layers board of one picture over to the next workspace. This will naturally make another layer of your imported image, and by holding the move key, it will drop it straight to the next layer. Your layers board should now resemble this.

Auto photography tips 10

Try not to stress over which layer sits on top of the other at this stage, as the following step should be possible in any case.

Mix the layers

Then, ensure that you have the top layer chose in the layers board and afterward click the mix mode drop-down box at the highest point of the board and select “Help.”

Car photography tips 12

This advises the top layer to mix with the one beneath and uncover the layer under, BUT just where more brilliant pixels are distinguished. In that capacity, the top layer’s piece where the picture is as of now lit remaining parts unaffected, while the dim portion of the top layer is disguised, uncovering the lighter portion of the layer underneath.

Your picture should now look something like this:

Auto photography tips 13

Now, you’ll need to blend the noticeable layers, as any changes you make past this should apply to the two layers. To do this, just right-click on both of the layers and select Merge Visible.

Car photography tips 14


On the off chance that your shot has any reflections, similar to mine has on the highest point of the hood (I didn’t adjust my settings enough toward the starting to record a dark picture. However, it’s a decent learning point!) at that point there are a couple of methods of eliminating them. Be that as it may, you may locate the best way to battle them is to utilize the recuperating brush apparatus, which is genuinely like the Proximity Match alternative of the spot mending brush yet permits you more noteworthy control by allowing you to pick your source region.

It additionally gives you a smoother change around your brushed regions, so the edges of your problematic parts become much less characterized, assisting with mixing them into the remainder of the picture. By choosing a nonaffected area near your appearance and brushing over the edges on various occasions, you’ll see it winds up looking somewhat more like this.

Car photography tips 15

Consume the edges

To polish off this region and mix in somewhat further, you can utilize the Burn device. Set it to influence just the shadows, at a haziness of around half. By making several delicate clearing brushes over the hood’s highest point, you can adequately impersonate light tumble off from the glimmer.

Car photography tips 16

Clone out undesirable pieces

Finally, contingent upon the vehicle you’re shooting, you might need to eliminate the tag, which is a straightforward undertaking for the clone stamp apparatus (S hotkey easy route). The technique for doing this generally relies upon the sort of flame broil your vehicle has yet insofar as the tag doesn’t take up the entire front finish of the car, at that point taking different examples from various spots and cloning them over the plate ought to be simple.

Car cut out and shadow service- Car

Auto photography tips 17

You should wind up with something like this:

Car photography tips 18

You’ll likewise have to eliminate any undesirable components duplicated during the cloning cycle, for example, the rehashed Quattro identifications here. The spot recuperating brush in substance mindful mode works best by choosing a brush size just somewhat more significant than the markers.

Car photography tips 19

Last contacts

On the off chance that there are any final details, you need to add now (like the S-Line identification I imported from the picture I took of the side wing at the highest point of the article) at that point right now is an ideal opportunity to do it.

To add additional components, open your benefactor picture in Photoshop, utilize the speedy choice instrument, and mark around the element, and hit CMD/CTRL + C.

Car photography tips 20

At that point, return to your top picture and hit CMD/CTRL+V. Contingent upon the size of the photograph you’ve duplicated from, this will probably wind up being ludicrously excessively huge. To address this, ensure the component’s layer is chosen, and go to Edit>Free Transform and resize/position it to suit.

Auto photography tips 22

If you likewise locate that the additional component is finished or underexposed, hit the openness setting in the changes board, right-click on the layer it makes, and selects Create cutting cover to guarantee that any progressions to openness apply just to the component and not the entire picture (or do this as an Adjustment Layer which is non-dangerous).

Car photography tips 23

To ensure that your vehicle gets the entirety of the consideration and nothing else around it, select the Burn device once more, actually set to influence shadows, and delicately brush out the floor around the vehicle’s front.

Finally, to give your picture a touch of punch, you can bring it into the Raw Camera Filter (Filter> Raw Camera Filter), which provides you with most of the alternatives accessible for a crude picture regardless of whether you’re altering a JPG record.

This part is down to taste, yet I like to add a touch of difference, lucidity, and sharpness to make the picture overly fresh and bring the shadows somewhat just as a slight harvest and fix. Have a great time with it and see what you think looks best.

At last

From that point onward, exit out of the Camera Raw channel, appreciate your artistry, and envision it gracing the pages of your vehicle magazine!


Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Car Photo Editing


Unedited vehicle pictures can regularly need tone and feeling. It very well, maybe because they were taken shots at some unacceptable settings, or nearly that they are straight out of the camera. 

Our answer can be discovered utilizing the altering devices found in the create module of Lightroom. Every change you make can change the appearance of the picture, positive or negative. So what is the ideal approach to alter vehicle photographs? 

This instructional exercise shows you four straightforward strides to divert any vehicle picture from a dull RAW document to a computerized show-stopper! The concentration here is to make the vehicle mix well with the climate yet also stand apart as the picture’s subject. We should start! 

Film Lightroom Presets 

Here is my unique, straight out of camera picture: 

The most effective method to Edit Car Photos in Lightroom 


I start the altering cycle in the Basic segment of the create module. This part is the thing that I like to call the “meat of the burger” since we deal with the base openness that chooses the whole look of the picture. 

Start at the highest point of the Basic Panel by changing the white equilibrium first. Since the first picture is somewhat green and warm, I will bring the temperature to 5600 and build the color to 10. 

The entirety of different sliders underneath those two, from openness to immersion, can be changed depending on your inclination. Make a point not to go over the edge with expanding the exposure, features, or whites excessively, or probably you can lose essential subtleties like tone and surface. 

A decent general guideline is to keep the clearness under 30, however, over 0. Mishandling the clearness slider will bring about the picture being excessively sensational, which can look amateurish. If all else fails, change with some restraint. 


Instructions to Edit Car Photos 


Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to make definite acclimations to every one of the tones. Snap-on the “HSL/Color/B&W” symbol and afterward on “All” to show all the styles. For these changes, I will start at the top and work my way down: 

Red – Add a touch of immersion to make brake calipers pop more. 

Orange – Nothing truly orange in this image, so I skip it. 

Yellow – I up the immersion to flaunt how calm the paint tone is. However, I bring the luminance (splendor) down a score to keep up the paint conceal’s trustworthiness. 

Green – The grass in the back is excessively green for the look I am going for, so I pull the shade slider full yellow and eliminate the immersion. I, at that point, add some luminance, so the grass isn’t excessively dull. 

Water – I make the tint bluer to adequately lessen the blue-green hint of the windows. 

Blue, Purple, and Magenta – For this picture, I disregard them. 

Car-Image-editing-details- Car pics editing


The most effective method to Edit Car background Photos 

Then, I will utilize the Split Toning Panel to change the vibe of this vehicle photographed thoroughly. It functions because you change the tone slider to choose which shade of features/shadows you need to add and afterward shift the immersion for each. 

For this situation, I decided to make the features warm and the shadows blue. I never contact the Balance slider, as that simply makes all that more muddled. 

The determination of tones depends on the shading hypothesis, which is a different seminar all alone. However, by the day’s end, it’s whatever satisfies your eye the most. By and by, I like to keep the features yellow/orange and the shadows blue, as that mix looks the most normal. 

Car Photography 

You can see over that the picture presently looks significantly more refined as far as openness and shading. Notwithstanding, it does not have the punch that makes it a result. 

That is the place where the graduated channels come in: 


As I would like to think, what separates a stunning vehicle photograph from a common one is how much the vehicle sticks out. Since all things considered, it is the fundamental subject! 

In case you’re taking photographs of a vehicle, odds are it’s on the street. A proficient method to add the show to your picture is to make both the road and sky more obscure. This can be accomplished in Lightroom by utilizing the Graduated Filter. 

Auto Photography 

Snap-on the square shape symbol situated on the picture above, at that point haul from the lower part of the conception up to the vehicle. Presently you will see three white lines with a dark dab in the center. 

Drag the centerline for moving the channel and the top bar to change the channel’s length. Snap “O” on your console to show the chose overlay of the track you made – you should see the bolt by “Show Selected Mask Overlay” ticked. For this graduated channel, I will diminish the openness to – 1.50 to make the ground somewhat hazier. 

Vehicle Photography 

You can change the Overlay tone in Lightroom by going up to the menu bar of your screen, tapping on “Devices,” and drifting over “Change Mask Overlay.” You can see four tones – red, green, white, dark – for you to browse. The shading you pick is anything but a severe deal, yet it’s ideal if it’s distinguishable from the piece of the picture you are chipping away at. 

Vehicle Photography 

Then, I will make another graduated channel, this time for the sky. Since the mists are very dull, I need to obscure them essentially to add more dramatization while additionally carrying center to the vehicle. 

So on this graduated channel, I bring down the features, pull down the openness, eliminate touch of cloudiness, and add a trace of warmness to supplement the yellow paint. The key here is to deceive the watcher’s eye to go directly to the vehicle and keep up the climate’s everyday look. 


Presently the vehicle picture looks spot on, and the altering is practically finished. Nonetheless, I need to add some last little details by obscuring the side windows and boosting the wheels’ differentiation utilizing the Lightroom Adjustment Brush. 

You can discover the Adjustment Brush two symbols right of the graduated channel symbol. For the brush settings, I keep the stream/thickness at 100 and the plume at 20. The brush size relies upon how much detail you are working with – for this picture, and I leave it at 17. 


Vehicle Photography Tutorial 

To support the wheels’ difference, I increment the lucidity, immersion, and, obviously, my change brush’s differentiation. However, the choice doesn’t need to be entirely round; try not to choose portions of the vehicle paint or the street. 

Vehicle Photography Tutorial 

Obscuring the side windows is straightforward. Simply make your determination and afterward increment the Dehaze slider. Ensure your choice is exact – to cover the whole window yet not the remainder of the vehicle – so don’t surge this progression. 

Auto Photography End 

In only four stages, you can change the look and feel of any vehicle photographs. The magnificence of this cycle is that it tends to be applied to any vehicle picture, activity or static, and can be redone to accommodate your style.

5 Tips to Make Better Photographs of Cars

5 Tips to Make Better Photographs of Cars

1. Take shots at the ideal season of the day

This is by a wide margin the most well-known error individuals make when shooting vehicles. The best ideal opportunity to shoot will be a couple of moments after dusk (or a couple of moments before dawn). Utilize a tripod and get that ideal delicate light on the paint! This photograph was taken for Top Gear a couple of moments before dawn.

2. Be watching out for reflections

You should be cautious about what reflects in the vehicle. Examine you and take a gander at the vehicle and see what ponders its surface. A vehicle (particularly another gleaming one) resembles a mirror. Attempt to have open space behind you like a field. Attempt to abstain from shooting with structures or trees behind you. One of the most significant things you need to show in your vehicle pictures is the structure lines of the vehicle, or as I like to call it, ‘her bends’. Reflections can ruin these bends.

Additionally, be mindful so as not to have your own appearance in the photograph. In the event that you can’t maintain a strategic distance from your own appearance its best to put the camera on a tripod, set the clock, and move out of the shot. Simply take a gander at this photograph I took of a dull sparkling BMW 428i, behind me was nothing aside from the skyline. You can obviously observe the skyline reflecting in the vehicle.

3. Driving shots

One simple approach to get a cool picture is to shoot the vehicle out of another moving vehicle. (It would be ideal if you be too cautious while doing this!) Shoot the vehicle out of your window while driving at 60 km/h (40 miles/h) with a shade speed of 1/100th of a second.

By doing this you will get some decent development out and about and on the wheels. You can even diminish the screen speed some more, yet this will expand your odds to sit with unshar photographs a short time later. This Audi S3 was shot before nightfall, driving at 70 km/h with a screen speed of 1/80th of a second.

4. Foundation

Ensure your experience suits the vehicle and the topic. Abstain from having things out of sight that will divert the eye. Things like dustbins, electrical cables, and different vehicles can execute an image. For this Aston Martin, I utilized a straightforward foundation. The yellow paint coordinates the vehicle’s shading.

5. Including Customize Template:

Add redoing layouts to make your vehicle a more alluring and impeccable look. This administration makes your store shoots and open-air shoots pictures more alluring and imaginative. Car Template change, Adding customize the template, Background Removal service, and more services are included in this category.


Is Automotive Photo editing & Enhancement services are available in the dangerous situation of COVID-19?

Now the world turns affected with COVID-19 and it causes the automotive dealership business and manufacturing system. Every famous country and popular countries are now locked down to prevent the attack by COVID-19. It’s not only a simple virus it becomes the main fact of serious death.

In this situation, the total economic system is going to damage but we need to keep running our step to continue the business for maintaining the world economic system.


So we are setting up a support team to continue our image editing service effort in a serious situation. We are in now office quarantine and ready to support automotive dealers, car sellers, and manufacture companies around the world.

Our service efforts in COVID-19:

  • We are available 24 hours now for your immediate works
  • Automotive dealer image solution and enhancement
  • Car photo background replacement and template changing
  • Automotive dealer photo editing and enhancement
  • Car color correction and retouching service
  • Car clipping path and transparent
  • Vehicles background replacement
  • Car photo fix

We stay at home but our works continue from our home support. We ensure our designer one PC and an Internet connection to support our works.

Live Update for >>> COVID-19


How to modify your car easily

Automotive photos are taken by the photographers. While you finished your car photography or Car full set photoshoot then you need to modify your car easily images for selling or online presentation.

However, car photo shoot occurs in different places and position with natural reflection and dust. So we need to remove that unwanted reflection and the lighting effect like sunlight and the sky reflected. Sometimes the color has also damaged and the body is full of dust with a sketch. How to modify your car easily

Eventually, we need to adjust all these things by applying some editing works on Photoshop by the expert designer or image editor like “Car Pics Editing”.

We can modify our cars by applying many different effects or editing methods. Here I describe some method below:

 Step 1: First open your raw car or automotive image in Photoshop. Then make a copy like make a background layer copy and hide the original background layer.

Step 2: First closely look at the car body clearly that if there was stay any dust or sketch. If you found then remove it by using a stamp tool or healing brush tool.

Step 3: Then you need to look at the color of the car. If the color is not perfect then adjust it by applying the Hue or saturation or the color level option. You can adjust the brightness and contrast also from the brightness and contrast Option.

Step 4: You can change the car background and add a new template or ground for making more attractive and gorgeous.

Step 5: Now you can make a shadow under the car and the wheels for making it a real look. Drop and Natural shadow is common in this section.

Step 6: For a more realistic look you can add the reflection effect behind the car. This effect brings your car looking more natural and real.

After applying these steps your car becomes more gorgeous and attractive and now you can use it for online presentation and inventory.

Hope this article makes your sense and grows the knowledge about how to modify a car image and looking more gorgeous in the online inventory.

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>>> Remove unwanted object from your vehicles background template

Types of car image editing services feature image

Types of Car photo editing and vehicles photo enhancement

Automotive photo editing services are verities form and types for different usage purpose. Most of the car dealer’s and Auto sellers are usually using these services for selling their own inventory new and used cars.

Car, automotive, vehicles, waterbus, airbus, etc. manufacture and dealers are a need in service to the advertisement of their selling cars and vehicles.

Editor of Car photo:

Generally, Photographers are editing their automotive photos but the quality refers and they are always busy with their photoshoot. That’s why we need the help of automotive dealer image editing service provider. (Like- Car Pics Editing).

Outsource and freelance photo editing service provider companies are providing best quality inventory photo editing services.

Types of Car photo editing:

We can see lots of car selling shop and inventory arranging their brand cars with attractive look with their selling details banner and eye-catchy mode.

They actually used many editing services to make the car looks more attractive with gorgeous look to their customer.

  1. Car photo enhancement:

Applying this service to make the Raw captured car images more perfect look with adjustment Brightness, Contrast, Tone, Sharpness, Shadow effect, Reflection, Hue & Saturation and more services to enhance the car photo.

  • Car Clipping Path:

Clipping path generally used to cut out the car from the raw background and add a new template of Back Drop for useful inventory. Clipping path is done by the help of Photoshop expert or designer who is expert to use the Pen tool in Photoshop. Car Pics Editing is one of them and they arranged an Expert Car photo Clipping Path Team.

Car clipping path
  • Adding Car Template or Customizing Template:

Sometimes the dealers provide their own store in front background photo or sometimes the designer’s need to modify the template or customize it with adjusting natural store foreground Photo.

  • Adding Car Template and Floor:

Sometimes the designers need to modify the template by adjusting the Floor of Store. Dealers demand Wooden Floor, Tiles floor, Solid ground floor, Road floor and more.

  • Car Shadow effect:

Shadows are different forms. One is dropping shadow, one is natural shadow and another is Reflection shadow.

It refers to the demand of car dealers and their aspects.

Shadow service
  • Car Colour correction:

Adjust the natural color or damage color on the car body. If the dealers want then we’ll make the different color against the original color for their demand.

Easily we can make the sample car color correction with any color you want. Car Pics Editing- always provide high-quality car color correction services.

  • Car retouching:

After Automotive photoshoot, the picture is not perfect and clean. We found the dust and sketch in the captured image. So the dealer needs to modify the dust and sketch from your automotive inventory image.

  • Car Banner or poster adding:

For branding dealers need to add the slogans and the Logo of their selling house or shop and the details of the Car.

Car Pics Editing- smoothly adding your Brand logo on the perfect size and look on the inventory image.


So, we can see the result of the different types of Car Photo editing and it’s really needed for Dealership and Inventory management for car Sellers.

Don’t worry –

Are you looking for a high-quality car photo editing service provider?

Then justify our High-quality car photo editing service provider and quick time car image editing service delivery company like- Car Pics Editing.

Check out more >>> How to modify your car easily?

Professional car retouching service

Professional car retouching service tutorial

We are going to learn very important and helpful service tips from “CAR PICS EDITING“. Today we are starting to gaining the quick and easy tips to make a car more attractive and eye-catchy looks with the help of car image retouching service.

Car retouching- Before & After

Now we can start it by opening an raw image which is full of dust and sketch in Photoshop.

Then we need to lookup closely the full car where we need to touch up or retouch. Next, we can start to retouch our car by following the steps:

>>> We know lots of tools are used for retouching service like- the Brush tool, Clone stamp tool, Spot healing brush tool and more.

  1. In this tutorial, we used the Spot healing brush tool to touch up the dust area. First, we are trying to make up the area and level up as the same color as the car body.

2. Then we used the clone stamp tool to adjust the damaged area by taking the perfect area and color. Please follow the video tutorial attentively.

3. Next, we used the Brush Tool. This tool we used to adjust the color part of that car image.

Check out our retouching service:-

Automotive dealer image editing and enhancement

For clear concept Please check out that video-

[ Car retouching service tutorial ]

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How to retouch a car easily in Photoshop.

New and Used car photo editing

New and Used Car photo editing

New and Used Car photo editing

Car or inventory sellers arranged their new arrival Car on the showroom and the dealers are placing also New and Used car in their store to sell their customer. Dealer’s view is to provide brand new car with the latest model to their customer but sometimes it not possible to handle for their customer. So dealers are also manage used car to easily backup the customer need.


New and Used car photo editing


To review their cars online they arranged their cars by applying many car image editing service like-

  • Car background replacement
  • Car color correction
  • Vehicles Retouching and enhancement
  • Car template changing and customizing
  • Automotive dealer photo enhancement
  • Car shadow making and more.

New car and used car:

New car arranged to customer attraction and update the inventory. There are many upcoming new cars in New Year 2019. Take a look in our recent content- Top 10 upcoming cars in New Year 2019.

New car photos



Used cars also placed for customer need with the attractive looks after applying automotive photo editing services.

Used car


New and used car photo editing:

Car Pics Editing offer New and Used car photo editing service to enhance your inventory become more gorgeous and eye catchy. First, we care about your Inventory photos by downloading from the server and then applying Background replacement, Ground changing, Drop shadow and Reflection shadow, Color enhancement including interior and exterior, Shadow services like Original shadow, Natural shadow and Drop shadow as the dealers want.

After finishing all editing works on your inventory then we’ll send it back to you with quick efforts. We have a 50+ designer’s team who has always ready to serve your Car photo editing services. We are the best inventory or automotive photo enhancement service provider with high quality and best service efforts. We have a customer support team also whose are always ready to download and uploading your files from your Inventory server.


New and Used car photo editing

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Instructions to Take Care of Your Car | Car care

Did you buy a CAR recent? Now you need to maintain some important tips for keeping your cat fit and healthy. “Car pics Editing” shares you that to help you and get the better result. Car care is very essential for your daily use. We are quality service provider of Automotive image enhancement and Car photo editing service with Retouching service provider.


Care-your-car-regularly, car care


  1. Clean within and outside of your auto consistently (Car care)

Keeping your auto clean resembles keeping your room clean. Aside from everybody can see your auto and measure how filthy (or clean) you are. Snatch Armor All’s modest however great vacuum, to clean within your auto. A jug of Optimum’s auto wash for the outside of your auto and influence your auto to look fresh out of the box new. Car Care tips.

  1. Replace your oil each 5,000 to 7,500 miles and utilize a solid brand

Why It’s Important: Every auto creator has diverse things to state with regards to oil, however, most specialists concur that it’s great to transform. It out frequently. In case you’re befuddled on what to utilize, most autos function admirably with manufactured oil like Mobil 1. Generally less demanding to get your oil supplanted at a shop as opposed to doing it without anyone’s help.

  1. Check your tire weight each month and pivot your tires each 7,500 miles

Why It’s Important: Incorrect tire weight can prompt a huge amount of issues, including poor breaking, precariousness, less gas mileage, and obviously. A punctured tire, so check your tire weight with a measure. Likewise, turn your tires frequently to ensure that they wear equitably, ensuring you get the most before supplanting them.

  1. Get your brake cushions supplanted every 25,000 miles or sooner if your brakes are wearing out

Why It’s Important: It’s dependably a smart thought to have your brakes looked at now and again by an expert. As an awful crushing commotion can bring an unpalatable stress. A major piece of this is the brake cushions, which oppose the loss of brake control at high temperatures and can be supplanted by a technician if necessary.

  1. Ensure your mirrors are constantly great to go

Why It’s Important: Having eyes in the back of your head would be the driving preferred standpoint. However, sadly we’re just human and the following best thing we have are mirrors. A decent, clean arrangement of front and back view mirrors can spare you from a considerable measure of inconvenience out and about.

  1. Keep up your auto’s inside to keep its resale esteem high

Why It’s Important: Grime has synthetic concoctions that will destroy things like your cowhide dashboard. Vinyl seats, in the long run prompting your auto resembling a filthy time machine. Gratefully, items like Maguire’s Quik Interior Detailer and Leather Honey are moderately shabby and help continue everything resembling the day you got it.

  1. Change out any terrible fog light knobs when you can

Why It’s Important: Driving home oblivious can transform into an outright bad dream in the event that one of your headlights isn’t working accurately. Demonstrating an exceptionally diminish light. More often than not, this is caused by a dead fog light globule, which can be checked and supplanted with something like a Sylvania High-Performance Bulb that’ll last any longer.

  1. In case you’re not going to drive your auto for some time, ensure its appropriately put away

Why It’s Important: If you will be away for a bit, ensure your auto is secured, perfect, finished off with gas, and began now. Again to keep the battery new. In the event that nobody’s around to drive or begin your auto, you can purchase a battery delicate which stops a release.

  1. Change your air channel every 30,000 miles or consistently

Why It’s Important: Think of your auto’s air channel like your lungs. It’s critical you keep them spotless and sound with the goal. That you inhale simpler and unsafe things. Don’t influence your relaxing. For an auto a filthy air channel will hurt your quickening and make your auto less effective. Influencing a review and new air to channel from time to time critical.

  1. Get some Rain-X items for your windows to protect yourself from water

Why It’s Important: Rain-X makes two items that merit your consideration. One being a splash for your auto’s glass that repulses rain. Another being windshield wiper sharp edges that carry out their activity well. Splashing your auto with Rain-X is quite simple. While you ought to investigate your wipers like clockwork and change them if vital.

Wash-your-car-weekly, car care


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