The importance of Car background replacement is numerous. Every step we need to edit before editing we need to touch the background. Not all time background replacement. Sometimes it may be background removal. Sometimes making a transparent background. But background has a huge demand to work on it. Car background replacement is the process that can promote your business. Now we are going to learn about Automotive Background Replacement better solution better solution.

That can show your creativity, can show your capability in editing automotive products. Vehicles  background replacement, template adding all follow the same process. Actually, there is a huge process to follow. You can follow countless ways for one background replacement service.

Why clients don’t want to have photo background replacement by automatic software :

There is huge software inventing every day. That can change your background automatically. Like photo scissors, Lazpaint, GIMP, photo background remover, etc. They do work at a very high speed. Moreover, clients don’t want to have this automatic work because it doesn’t follow all their guidelines. Clients want this tool to follow ins and outs. But these tools have limitations. All the processes are already been installed. They can’t support you beyond the limit.



Now let’s go with the process that our retoucher follows when they do vehicles background replacement :

  1. First we open the photo on photoshop.

2. Then we will select the pen tool and will point it at one corner of the product and need to drag it down to that point that we’ve selected first. After creating the path around the product the incentive is we will relinquish the outside part and the inside part will remain.

3. Saving the path is a good idea. Because sometimes the path doesn’t seem perfect at one try. We need to add or change a little bit of the path when savings help us.

4. Now we will choose control + path 1 for the selected path.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution

5. Then we snap control + j for having a transparent background.

6. After getting a transparent background now our leading product is portable. And we can place the product anywhere at the frame.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution

7. Now it’s time to add the background. when the background already selected. Now we need to click the create a new layer. And there will create a blank layer on the above portion.

8.Now we will select the D button .this button will create a foreground layer with a white background layer.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution

9.And finally we will snap control +backspace and we will get a white background.

10.It’s been completed. And we get to see the white background.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution

11.when we get the order to add any selected background at first we will select the background. WePress control +A.

12.Then we will copy it with control +c.

13.And we will paste the background on the background layer and it’s been completed.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution

Advantages of having this replacement job:

  1. It helps to remove the intertwined background that takes away the disturbance from the photo.

2. We supports to make the leading product more appealing.

3. They can add the suggested background that the dealer demands.

4. We can select the background that can interpret your leading product.

5. Automotive background replacement is the process that you don’t need to edit every portion of the background. When it doesn’t seem perfect to upload we can replace it with background replacement.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution


Is there any hard and fast rule that our retouchers follow when doing car photo background replacement :

Yes every dealer, every merchandiser have different demands centering their photo. Especially when they ask for the background they have individual demand. Because everyone ruling different companies, each company has different brand values.

So if they want to have a background that can interpret his companies detail that won’t match to another one. Maybe any of them like the white background and another one like a describable background. There is some basic form that all are looking for. And some minor detail that may vary.


Automotive background replacement is a very effective editing service that we all are looking for.

It can change the whole image. This service can change the incentive of an image. So having a picture done by a professional can bring success to your company. Yeah, it’s also difficult finding an editing service company that seems perfect for your companies editing. But after finding the right one you don’t need to be tensed at all. So don’t get late and make a good decision today. So this is the clear concept of Automotive Background Replacement better solution better solution.

Automotive Background Replacement better solution